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June 21st Special Edition of the Mobility Meetup

June 22, 2022
Detroit Smart Parking Lab Corktown Detroit Michigan --


Bosch Automated Valet Parking Learn More

MICHauto, the MEDC’s Office of Future Mobility & Electrification and Plug & Play host the June Mobility Meetup at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab welcoming over 135 guests and eight live Demonstrations.

Smart Parking Technologies are defining the future of mobility. Live demonstrations by Bosch Air Quality Monitoring & Noise Detection, Yoshi Remote EV Charging, Bosch eBike Charging, HEVO Wireless EV Charging, It’s Electric EV Curbside Charging, Bosch Curbside Management, Knightscope Robot Security, Bosch Automated Valet Parking. Learn More

Mobility Meetup Partners & DSPL Partners


Bosch eBikes Learn More
Luke Mairo Voltpost


Kevin Mull and Kathryn Snorrason MEDC Learn More


Kevin Mull and Devin O’Reilly Learn More 


Reuben Sarkar ACM CEO and It’s Electric Nathan King
Nathan King Co-Founder / CEO It’s Electric Learn More
2 Knightscope Security Robots in action  Learn More



Detroit Smart Parking Lab Learn More
HEVO and MEDC Mobility Meetup Learn More


Clint Perry Bosch Automated Parking Learn More
Bosch Automated Valet Parking


Bosch eBikes Learn More
6.21.22 Mobility Meetup DSPL
Yoshi Learn More

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