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American Center
for Mobility

About Us

American Center for Mobility is a collaborative effort comprised of government, industry and academic organizations focused on accelerating the mobility industry through research, testing, standards development and educational programming.

Located in Southeast Michigan on over 500-acres at the historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti, the ACM offers:

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Smart Mobility Test Center

The ACM is a one-of-a-kind global Smart Mobility Test Center providing a platform for the integration of emerging mobility technologies in intentionally challenging environments. With over 500 acres of variable road systems and customizable test environments, ACM offers:

  • Comprehensive Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) network
    • World’s first CAV specific 5G Network (AT&T Global Test Bed)
    • Closed data network to support testing and product development activities
    • Cloud services for high volume data transfer
  • Professional engineering services
  • Private vehicle laboratories
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ACM Event & Demonstration Facilities

The American Center for Mobility (ACM) facility can accommodate multiple vehicles and up to 1000 guests. ACM is uniquely co-located within ACM’s smart mobility test center, providing space for automotive, mobility and technology companies to integrate their meetings and conferences with the ability to demonstrate and showcase their vehicle and mobility solutions in safe and configurable environments.

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ACM Innovation & Technology Campus

Building on Michigan’s legacy as the global epicenter of the automotive industry, ACM’s Innovation & Technology Campus is strategically located amongst the region’s industry clusters include academic research institutions, concentrated engineering talent and the greatest concentration of automotive industry innovation on the planet.

The ACM Innovation & Technology Campus provides opportunities for mobility companies to co-locate next to ACM’s already established, world-class smart mobility test center where automotive and mobility companies come to  research, test, validate and evolve their technologies.

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The ACM research team works with public and private organizations to conduct important and scientific activities related to mobility technologies. Providing technical expertise coupled with the right kind of curiosity, ACM can leverage the use of its’ smart mobility test center to help research institutions develop technical plans and drive the execution to ensure research results are comprehensive and accurate.

The ACM is regarded as a leader in research and development of emerging mobility technologies, recipients of multiple technical research grants from the US government. ACM research also works with universities and major automotive companies.