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WEBINAR: Integrated CAV Test Equipment: Sync, Control, Measure & Monitor

July 12, 2021

WEBINAR JULY 21, 2021 AT 2:00 P.M. (ET): Educated and informed test teams work faster, more efficiently and have better results. This is the catalyst behind ACM’s webinar on Integrated CAV Test Equipment.

ACM powered by Intertek and Humanetics have partnered together to help your test team learn how to achieve higher test results in complex scenarios with integrated CAV test equipment:

  • Constructing Test Scenarios: Building and testing against the operational domain using test rigging/fabrication, interaction vehicles, unique surfaces/track features
  • Repeatability & Reliability with ITS Integration: Traffic lights, DSRC, cell network, data management, SIL/HIL, cloud-based programmable infrastructure
  • Support Services: Testing services/support, data processing, FOT

Join CAV test engineers from American Center for Mobility, Intertek and Humanetics.

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