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Validated: sibrtech Successfully Tests New Technology at ACM

January 14, 2021

sibrtech inc. Successfully Tests Its Smart Road Safety Technology Providing ‘Look Ahead’ Data for Oncoming Drivers


WEST BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich., January 14, 2021 ( – More than any single factor, driver distraction, inattention, and failure to see potential dangers cause vehicular crashes. At the same time, pedestrian traffic-related deaths have risen nationwide. To address these issues, sibrtech inc. has completed the first round of grant-funded testing of its AI applications for roadside computers. This testing demonstrated the potential benefits of sibrtech’s edge-computing software to help smart infrastructure become part of the solution to common causes of crashes.

On Dec. 9, 2020, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, sibrtech inc. completed its third day of testing under a Michigan Economic Development Corporation grant. Utilizing affordable and compact components mounted to a light pole, sibrtech software successfully identified road users hidden from view and transmitted their location in real time to oncoming traffic. This “look ahead” demonstration illustrates the advantages of sibrtech’s edge-computing applications for advancing road transportation safety.

Through three days of rigorous testing, sibrtech validated three key areas of its technology. First, it verified the software’s ability to identify vehicles and pedestrians in real time. Second, it proved the software’s adaptability to run on different types of Neural Networks. And third, it demonstrated cost-effectiveness by running on inexpensive readily available hardware. sibrtech’s testing was supported in part by a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. For a look inside sibrtech’s testing, see:

“Seeing ‘look ahead’ technology reveal positions of hidden vehicles and pedestrians to an oncoming vehicle is striking. Its potential impact on transportation safety is self-apparent and a goal worth supporting. We are grateful to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for a grant making these tests possible,” said A.L. Simon, President, sibrtech inc.

sibrtech is a Michigan-based tech startup focusing on edge-computing applications for vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (V2X/C-V2X) to advance transportation safety. For information, please contact [email protected]

Source: sibrtech inc.

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