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The Washington Post reports on the Electric Motor City

July 20, 2022
Electric vehicles are here. The journey ahead may be a jolt.

The mass adoption of electric vehicles will change everything we know about automobiles – from driving them to repairing them. But the shift will be bumpy. Our entire culture around cars is transforming to one with fewer moving parts, almost no maintenance and less pollution. Not only is it changing how we get around, but it’s altering whole neighborhoods. To see the video click here

Lee Powell talks to American Center for Mobility (ACM), MEDC, City of Detroit, Bosch, Bedrock and Detroit Smart Parking Lab partners about Electric Vehicle innovations in the Electric Motor City… Detroit.

Accelerating mobility & transportation for the future on the 500-acre historic Willow Run site in Ypsilanti, all at American Center for Mobility.

, July 25, 2022 Join the MEDC “Michigan Opportunity” and guest Angela Flood, Director of Business Planning and Economic Development, American Center for Mobility (ACM) and our host Ed Clemente as she virtually walks through this historic site, and how it could be the key to the future of mobility.  They discuss the testing of autonomous vehicles and many […] learn more >

June 21st Special Edition of the Mobility Meetup

Detroit Smart Parking Lab Corktown Detroit Michigan, June 22, 2022   Bosch Automated Valet Parking Learn More MICHauto, the MEDC’s Office of Future Mobility & Electrification and Plug & Play host the June Mobility Meetup at the Detroit Smart Parking Lab welcoming over 135 guests and eight live Demonstrations. Smart Parking Technologies are defining the future of mobility. Live demonstrations by Bosch Air Quality Monitoring […] learn more >