Chuck Ericson

Finance Director

Chuck Ericson is responsible for all finance, accounting, taxation, internal control and contract administration matters as ACM’s director of finance.

Prior to joining ACM, Chuck spent the last 20 years as Intellectual Property Controller, Ford Global Technologies, LLC, Ford Motor Company’s (Ford) intellectual property holding and management company. In that position, Chuck was responsible for all finance, accounting and related functions pertaining to intellectual property owned or otherwise held by Ford.

Before joining Ford Global Technologies, Chuck held a variety of management positions with Ford’s Corporate Finance Office, General Auditor’s Office and Office of Tax Counsel, including internal auditing, dealer auditing, cost accounting, accounting policy, financial reporting, real-estate accounting, credit administration and collection, transfer pricing and tax strategy.

Chuck holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University Detroit Mercy and a Bachelor of Science degree in business and accounting from Oakland University.

[email protected]