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Michigan Mobility Connect: Summer 2021 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

July 12, 2021

The American Center for Mobility and the State of Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification have partnered together in this virtual event to highlight new activities in CAV technology and testing, and to shed light on challenges and solutions test engineers are working on.

Though the future of autonomous technology comes with many promises and possibilities, a lot of work is still needed for self-driving cars to safely maneuver under various conditions. This event took place on June 25, 2021 with live speakers, discussions and demonstration of technologies, tools and approaches to CAV testing challenges.

With a targeted audience of automotive, mobility and technology engineers, this event provided insight on how engineers are approaching challenges, demonstrated some solutions and gathered people from across the mobility ecosystem together to discuss their insights.

The event kick-offed with addresses from both ACM’s President & CEO, Reuben Sarkar and OFME’s Chief Mobility Officer, Trevor Pawl, followed by a Keynote Session on ACM’s CAV Autonomous Cloud Tool Chain with Deloitte’s Jeffrey Hood, leading Principal on Technology Strategy in the Automotive, Transportation and CAV markets.

Next, a variety of perspectives from CAV engineers reviewed in-field research and testing activities and shared their insights. With a deeper dive into the technology and testing topic, the presenters joined together in an interactive panel discussion and Q&A session.

Wrapping up the event, drisk CEO Chess Stetson gave the Closing Keynote.

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