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Interview with Reuben Sarkar – Sept 2020 Automotive Testing Technology International

September 10, 2020

Check out the September 2020 Automotive Testing Technology International interview with ACM, “New CEO Reuben Sarkar explains the vision for the American Center for Mobility as part of an ecosystem for connected and AV development.”

Join writer Graham Heeps in a discussion with Reuben Sarkar as they discuss vision for growth: “We’re developing partnerships across a spectrum of activities to enhance the digital offerings that will help our customers accelerate their virtual validation – to get them to a point where they know what test to run when they come to ACM. We think that will increase the number of people coming to our track.”

Testing in a pandemic: “It’s a tough time to operate any business, let alone one that’s still establishing its place in the automotive industry. Less than three years after opening, …the American Center for Mobility (ACM) expects 2020 to be by far its strongest year yet.”

Read the full article here:  ATTI LINK


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Michigan Connected Cooridor

Michigan Connected Corridor: Building on a Legacy of Innovation

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