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Planned construction is on hold due to COVID-19 and will resume at a later date.

The American Center for Mobility (ACM) event center will accommodate up to 500 people and several vehicles inside its’ 8000 square-feet event and exhibit space. The ACM event center will be uniquely co-located within ACM’s smart city test center, providing space for automotive, mobility and technology companies to integrate their meetings and conferences with the ability to demonstrate and showcase their vehicle and mobility solutions in safe and configurable environments.

The ACM event center will accommodate any professional event with full AV capabilities, configurable spaces and a catering prep area kitchen. Targeted to the automotive and mobility industry, the facility can host a variety of events including:

  • Product Exhibit & Showcase
  • Ride & Drive Experiences
  • Product Launch Training & Demonstrations
  • Education, Training and Professional Development Seminars
  • Corporate Events & Symposiums
  • Conferences including space for Workshops and Breakout Sessions
  • STEM Activities and Competitions

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