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Technical Sales & Track Operations Manager

Posted on: November 27, 2018 | Location: TBD

Company Summary:

The American Center for Mobility (ACM) is a non-profit proving ground optimized for the safe and secure development and validation of connected and automated vehicles (CAV), the associated product development workflow, and the supporting off-board systems and infrastructure. Taking a holistic approach, ACM is also accelerating the development of voluntary standards by facilitating effective government/industry collaboration and providing education and training opportunities for the CAV workforce of the future.

Job Description: 

General responsibilities of ACM’s Operations office include working with the core team and broader contractor base to safely maximize track utilization; expand upon its methodologies, equipment, and overall capabilities; and establish and maintain a ‘thought leadership’ position in the CAV space through direct involvement in industry knowledge-creation activities as well as interaction with key stakeholders including ACM investors & users, US DOT/DOE/DOD, and relevant external proving grounds.

ACM will fill this critical Technical Sales & Track Operations Manager role with a forward-thinking, creative, customer oriented, knowledgeable team player, with significant Test Track or Proving Ground experience, knowledge of vehicle testing processes and a track record for obtaining results.

Technical Sales Essential Duties:

  • Develop and implement a sales and marketing strategy together with ACM’s O&M Partner to increase ACM utilization and revenues.
  • Engage directly with the customer testing groups to understanding their overall testing goals and requirements.
  • Communicate facility, test environment and test support service capabilities effectively, to current and potential testing customers.
  • Assess and guide customers on appropriate test environment locations, facilities, equipment and services needed to accomplish their testing goals.
  • Coordinate with ACM management to ensure key partner and investor usage agreements are fulfilled and assist on expanding initial agreement components.
  • Provide suggestions to optimize test environment and test support service usage
  • Provide suggestions for enhancing ACM facility fee structure and special promotional programs
  • Coordinate with ACM Director of Automated Vehicle Technical Programs to prepare commercial and government test and research proposals that will utilize ACM facilities and services.

Track Operations Essential Duties:

  • Observe and guide the O&M Partner on maintaining and enhancing facility operations and testing services.
  • Provide suggestions to optimize test environment and facility operations.
  • Coordinate with ACM CTO and O&M Partner to ensure the facility and test environments present no undue physical hazards.
  • Coordinate with ACM O&M Partner to ensure the overall facility is in a high state of readiness and usability and remains in good repair.
  • Coordinate with ACM O&M Partner to ensure high operational readiness of ACM ITS / Communications network across the entire facility.
  • Identify equipment requirements for either purchase or internal development / fabrication based on customer expressed interest.
  • Manage to the budget provided; work with Operations Partner to develop and present budget recommendations for the upcoming year.
  • Design and Construction Technical input:
    Understand user requirements and present recommendations to the ACM executive team for future test environments, accessory testing equipment and services.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Master’s in Business Administration, or equivalent experience.
  • Significant demonstrated business development and sales experience, (Business Development – 5 years minimum, Sales – 2 years minimum) preferably in the Automotive or related industries.
  • Knowledge /experience of Proving Ground operations and / or experienced in vehicle testing – CAV testing preferred (combination of 2 years minimum).
  • Experience working in connected and automated vehicle and infrastructure markets preferred.

Expert-level skills required:

  • Written and spoken communications
  • Relationship building and maintenance
  • An eye for innovation
  • Ability to analyze customer needs
  • Strong sales and negotiation techniques
  • Team working and leadership