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Education Program Manager

Posted on: April 8, 2019 | Location: Ypsilanti Township

Education is one of three primary organizational Pillars for ACM. ACM’s Education Mission will focus on five primary areas: K-12 STEM outreach, Public Education, Workforce Development and Training, Higher Education and Research & Development. General responsibilities of ACM’s Education office include working with the core team to meet overall ACM corporate Goals, lead efforts of the Academic Consortium and partners to create relevant programs that support the industry. Establish and maintain an ‘education thought leadership’ position in the CAV space through direct involvement with Academia, Government and Industry, and strengthen Michigan’s position in the CAV ecosystem.

ACM will fill this critical Education Program Manager role with a forward-thinking, creative, team oriented, knowledgeable individual, with excellent communication and organizational skills.

Knowledge and experience establishing and managing education or workforce development programs, and a track record for obtaining results is required.

Experience in working with Academia, Government, industry and public is preferred. Experience demonstrating effective Business Development skills are critical for this position.

Education Program Manager Responsibilities:

Reports to the COO. Works independently and collaboratively with the COO, CTO, Technical Program Director and the Director of Marketing and Communications to accomplish objectives of the Education office and achieve ACM Corporate objectives. In conjunction with the ACM board representative, coordinate and lead the ACM Academic Consortium. Identify and implement ACM education and workforce development projects and activities. Leverage and coordinate resources from Academic Consortium members when available. Establish partnerships with other workforce development programs and organizations such as Square One Educational Network, Michigan Mobility Institute, Partnership for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE), State of Michigan Marshall Plan and others. Lead activities for workforce related studies and/or research projects.

Education Manager Essential Duties:

Refine and implement an Education Mission and Vision for ACM in partnership with the Academic Consortium.

Develop an Education Strategy plan for ACM which will include activities in direct involvement with the Academic Consortium as well as possible opportunities with other partners or activities independent to ACM.

Engage directly with individual consortium members to identify and implement program and project opportunities. Leverage and coordinate resources of consortium members, as available.

Evaluate Education Program/Project performance to identify lessons learned for improvement. Plan and implement ACM Workforce related events such as Career Exploration Day, or public education sessions.

Identify State and Federal funding sources and opportunities for workforce and education programs. Pursue funding for and manage workforce related studies and/or research projects. Provide suggestions to ACM Leadership and the Ralph Wilson Foundation on needs and requirements for an ACM Education/Training Center. Represent ACM at education and workforce related conferences and events. Presenting on ACM programs and projects when opportunities exist.

Position ACM as a credible and respected thought leader in the Mobility Workforce space in Michigan and nationally.

Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Significant demonstrated equivalent experience may
be considered.
• Significant demonstrated education or workforce development program experience (2 years
• Experience working in CAV and infrastructure markets is preferred.
• Existing network in the CAV ecosystem is preferred.
• Expert-level skills required:
• Written and spoken communications
• Relationship building and collaborator
• An eye for innovation
• Team building and team management
• Self-starter
• Ability to multitask and prioritize work activities
• Excellent Organizational Skills


The application period for applying closes Friday, April 19, 2019. Applicants can apply here: .