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2020 Middle Skill Workforce Report

June 26, 2020
Ypsilanti, MI --

ACM and the University of Michigan announce the release of Understanding the Middle Skills Workforce in the Connected and Automated Vehicle Sector report focused on middle skills needs in connected and autonomous vehicles workforce targeted in testing and infrastructure, funded by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. The research, performed by the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute, features qualitative insights from leaders in the CAV industry on the skills needed by workers at the certification and associate degree level. 

“American Center for Mobility sought data on middle skills jobs in CAV test and infrastructure to support the development of programs and activities that leverage hands-on experiences at the ACM test center, and to ultimately inform and support growth in the mobility workforce. The implications and solutions range from K12 to higher education and will inform additional skills development for professionals.” says ACM Director of Strategy, Marketing & Programming, Dawn Thompson.

Download Understanding the Middle Skills Workforce in the Connected and Automated Vehicle Sector

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